ALLPlayer 8.0

Media playing app that can play a wide range of different video and audio files

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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ALLPlayer 8.0
ALLPlayer 5.9.2

ALLPlayer is a media playback app that can use almost every media type in the digital world. This app is exceptionally powerful in terms of its versatility, and even if you don't decide to use it as your default player, it's still great to have for playing those random files you encounter that aren't compatible with your standard media player.

This player supports the use of subtitles through a number of different methods, and it does so no matter the format of the file. If it encounters a file it cannot play, the app will automatically connect to the ALLPlayer website in search of the codec required to play the file. This would be a rare occurrence, and it's highly unlikely that the ALLPlayer website wouldn't have an appropriate codec.

If the content you're playing doesn't have integrated subtitle data, the app will try to fetch that data from the web as well. While this function can be nice, it isn't completely foolproof. You'll often get subtitles that are either entirely incorrect, or they seem as if they were written phonetically with little understanding of the meaning.

This player also has a unique feature involving the subtitles. For viewers who are visually impaired such that they can't read the subtitles, a voice recognition system will audibly read the subtitles for the viewer. This seems like it would be a nice feature, and it would be if it were implemented properly, but this version of the tool isn't particularly accurate, and it uses an unnerving computer-generated voice that sometimes blocks the background sound of the video.

ALLPlayer uses a foundation based on the DirectX system, and that system is infamously easy for malware, trojans, and other threats to enter. However, the basic DirectX framework is much more secure now than it was in the past, so you shouldn't be too concerned about this, especially if you use a solid antivirus app.

The software includes several other features, and it has a Cover Flow browser similar to what you'd find in iTunes. It supports Dolby surround sound, and it allows for previewing of AVI files that aren't complete, like those that are in the middle of downloading. The UI is a bit dated, but that doesn't really affect the quality of the player itself.

AllPlayer can play dozens of formats, including AVI, FLV, DivX, MP3, XviD, MP4, MKV, 3GP, Quicktime, MPG, RMVB, MPEG, FLAC, APE, MOV, and many more. The ALLPlayer website includes support for even more formats, and the only reason these are kept from the native app is that they are so rare, their codecs would be nothing but a waste of space for the vast majority of users.


  • Integrated Downloader For Subtitles
  • Plays Nearly All Formats
  • Subtitles Via Vocal Recognition
  • Excellent Option For Default Media Player


  • Some Issues With Subtitle Matching
  • Subpar Vocal Recognition
  • Old UI

The all-player is a great video player that also includes an app that can turn an Android device into a remote control. It also includes an option to transfer video files from a computer to an Android device as well. There is a dubbing feature that can turn subtitles into audio, and the system incorporates DivX so all video formats are supported.

The fact that videos can be accessed, controlled and transferred to and from Android devices sets this utility apart from other freeware players. The remote control is designed well, and it turns a smartphone into a virtual remote control. This is a perfect option for when I do not want to sit in front of my computer and watch my videos. It also takes the hassle out of moving files to and from my device.

The platform is pretty stable, and I did not encounter any problems with playback or crashes. It took me a little while to get the configuration settings just right, and linking my device to my computer required a little tweaking as well.

The player itself looks great and fresh, and it displays album art and box covers in a carousel. This makes it easy to select files from within a directory without having to directly access the folder. All of the standard control buttons are functional and easy to manipulate, and it allows DVD and camera videos to be displayed as well.

This is a really cool player that is both unique and innovative, and very few freeware alternatives offer similar features. I would recommend this software to anyone who is interested in a little bit more flexibility and choice with what they can do with their video player. It loads fast, playback is smooth and it renders high quality video as long as they are coded in the common and popular formats.


Cool remote control option

Can easily transfer videos from computer to phone


Nice player and interface



Configuration can take some time

Requires a bit of technical knowledge to use all of the features

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